Delicious novelties by Kulinichi

Delicious novelties by Kulinichi

Attention! We're offering new fillings for cream and cereal croissants. The cream croissant is now offered with juicy ham, fresh cucumbers, crispy salad and French sauce, while cereal croissant goes perfect with sophisticated Brie cheese, turkey ham and "Paprique" sauce. Hurry up and taste this new addition! You can find these offers in the bakeries:

- in the Kharkiv airport,

- near Kharkiv Opera and Ballet Theater,

- near the exit from the "Universytet" underground station,

- in Svoboda square (exit from the "Universytet" underground station in Shevchenko garden),

- in Poeziya square,

- at the intersection of Poltavskyi Shlyakh and Marshal Malynovskyi streets,

- at the Southern railway station (post office of Ukraine),

- in Pushkinska street (Law Academy),

- in 11 Bakulin street,

- in the 602th micro district (tram circle),

- in Novosaltovskyi market,

- in Iuryev boulevard (on the right from "Kyiv" cinema),

- near the "Centralnyi Rynok" underground station (next to the city department of the regional office of the ministry of foreign affairs),

- in Moskovskyi avenue (central entrance of Kharkiv National Technical University of Agriculture),

- near the exit from the "Kholodna Hora" underground station (next to the bus -station terminals),

- near the exit from the "Kholodna Hora" underground station (Kholodnohorskyi district),

- near the exit from the "Heroiv Pratsi" underground station ("Europe" market),

- in the village of Peresichne (113 Lenin str.),

- in the bakery near 24-storied building (63-A Yubileynyi av.).

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